Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bandcamp Artist Of The Week: Coffin Birth

Australia's "capital B" Brutal grindcore catalog is on a huge high in 2014, starting with Internal Rot's incredible "Mental Hygiene", and Coffin Birth trailing right along side with their new EP, "Necrotic Liquefaction". This is some real deal deathgrind right here, with a shit ton of Insect Warfare appreciation in tow, "Necrotic Liquefaction" is 10 minutes of grindfuk brilliance. This is some of the loudest and hardest grindcore I've heard this year, they've captured an absolutely crippling sound. Nothing in spared in the wake of this band's songs, perfectly blending in strong death metal sounds, particularly in the vocals. Refreshingly avoiding a lot of the stereotypical "creepy doom" parts or cartoony gore stuff usually associated with this style. As stated, Insect Warfare fans take note. Anyone into BrucexCampbell, Internal Rot must peep this as well. This EP is currently only a name-your-price download, and it must not stay that way. Someone join the support and put this on some much deserved wax!


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bandcamp Artists Of The Week: Snuff & Kaiju Daisenso

The bloated music hive that is Bandcamp has been saturated with a muck of  disasterous looking photoshopped album art and one-man bedroom grind projects lately. More bands named after random celebrities then I can count. Most of my perusals have began in vain this past year, but a few shining diamonds in the rough have peeked through. The most recent one being Snuff from Los Angeles. Not sure how many other "Snuff's" there are out there, but I haven't heard one that sounds like this! This is brutal west coast blasturbation giving to you with 100% no bullshit. Their most recent EP, "Slow Life Quick Death" is solid grind excellence. The attention grabbing groove intro is done well, showing off the lo-fi and distorted recording well, and then boom, blasting insanity for the next 10 minutes. If you like Nak'ay, Insect Warfare or Internal Rot, you'll dig Snuff.

I'm a sucker for anything Godzilla, so ya' throw some grindcore into the mix and you're pretty much guaranteed to have a mad decent thing going. Kaiju Daisenso is a NY trio featuring ex-members of many bands according to their bandcamp page, the only one I recognize being Unearthly Trance. Their first s/t EP is bit of a mixed bag of grind. You got some thrash riffs, some melodic leads, some early ANb tempo blasts, and Garageband drums!! I recognize those programmed sounds anywhere. It's some pretty interesting stuff, I don't really hear grind of this style very often. And it's cool as hell to listen to a song called "Monster Zero One". My nerdy side digs that a lot. If you like early Triac, Sick/Tired and maybe even Drugs Of Faith, check this out. A 7" version is also available on their bandcamp page.


New Water Torture LP - "Pillbox" and Song for Streaming!

The undeniable powerviolence champions of the modern age are coming back again with another tectonic wave of masterful brutality. Now making the big boy steps from their favored 7" format to full length 12"s. Three of them actually! The 12" discography collection which was released earlier this year by Mannequin Rein was only the begging. Two new separate LP's are also set to be released; an as of yet untitled project for To Live A Lie Records (so happy they teamed up). And the soon to be unveiled "Pillbox", brought to us by cult grind label Nerve Altar Records. To say the boys have been busy would be a dastardly understatement. 

As you can see, there is already artwork above. Nerve Altar seems about as giddy and excited to get this record out as we are about listening to it. A steady stream of updates have been coming in, and the big 'ol cherry on top was a new track for streaming called "Fourth Stage". Excellent track, which certainly shouldn't be surprising. The tribal drum patterns opening the song were a refreshing sound for the band, and they're really gone back to that murky, thick, sludgy production akin to their first EP. No Water Torture song would be complete without a sternum crushingly heavy slow part, and they pull out all the cool pauses and breaks on the one here. And are those some Trogotronic blips and bloops I hear at the end? I'd bet money it is. Excellent stuff, I can not wait to hear this entire LP. Stream the track below, and check out more stuff from Nerve Altar and Mannequin Rein as well. 


The New Iron Lung 7" Sounds Amazing

Iron Lung are really in no position to prove anything to anybody, their status as one of the top powerviolence bands going right now is pretty set in stone. A duo that has stayed comfortably with their own signature sound, but are not afraid to step outside of it and elaborate on the formula just a bit. Take their last full-length LP, "White Glove Test", for example. A double-magnum opus of synchronized hardcore and industrial noise (on two separate records if you picked up the special addition), was an ambitious effort, but one that was lost on me unfortunately. To me if felt like a ton of the excellent song-writing and even a bit of the aggression was drowned out on that record, it was just an in one ear-out the other listening experience. 

But from the two songs that I've heard from their new EP, "Savagery", Iron Lung seem to have stripped away any hint of playing around for a straight arrow, full on attack mode record. These tracks sound mean, really mean. A reply to the the rampant stupidity of the world manifested in a focused session of making the most savage songs they could, on purpose. The description on the Iron Lung Records bandcamp says everything I need to hear for me to become fully on board with this release. Twelve songs, 6 minutes, some crazy artwork and packaging (to be revealed), and some ruthless jams. Could this become one of my favorite Iron Lung records? I'm leaning towards yes, but boy am I eager to find out for sure. 

"Savagery" is set to be released in August on Iron Lung Records. Stream the two new songs from it down below.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lack Of Interest/Bastard Noise - Split 12" Review

Honestly, the only reason I haven't posted about this record is because I thought that I already did. Better late then never, right? Besides, I take any chance I get to talk about either of these bands. I remember when I first heard about this EPIC pairing of west coast OG's, a couple years ago, it was like a dream come true. This seems like it should have been a classic 90's Slap-A-Ham or Deep Six release, and the news of it's development had fans/nerds like me jittering in our patched-up denim shorts. This fantastic split was finally released at the tail end of 2013, and was well worth the wait. Bastard Noise give us four new tracks, which were recorded after the loss of founding drummer Joel Connell. Loosing a long-time member like that seems pretty detrimental, but they recruited none other then Richard Hoak to step up behind the skins! If you've ever seen or heard Mr. Hoak tear up a drum set, you know you're in for some insane shit, and I couldn't wait to hear what his sporadic style would lend to BN's sound. Though his performance here truth be told, is actually pretty reserved and down-tempo. Which in retrospect was a bit disappointing to hear at first, but he flows with Mr. Wood's progressive hardcore sludge trotting riffs appropriately. I guess I was expecting more of a total fucking grind mayhem influence, but the trademark SKULL sound remains strong and intact, like there was no change at all really. Things do pick up a bit after the seven and a half minute opener, venturing into jazzy grooves and more visceral tempos. The closing track, "The Time Shifter", is a real highlight. It's a ruthless lil' jam featuring some excellent vocals from Mitchell Luna of Maruta. Him and Aimée's pull off a lovely duet of brutality, and it's an excellent way to end their side. Aimée and Wood seem a lot more balanced in the vocal department on here as well. No one seems to dominate the recording here. Some of Bastard Noise's brightest sounding and focused "musical" material so far. Lack Of Interest's side is just downright perfection. I'll say it once and I'll say it again, this band has done absolutely nothing wrong in their whole existence. The twelve tracks on here do nothing to break that streak, the guys just flat out rip your soul a new one here. The band has maintained a trademark sound that still sounds fresh and full of life, and they still pull it off masterfully. It's just like '99-era LoI stepped through a time portal into 2013 and recorded some tracks they had to spare. Not a drop of intensity, self loathing, or grumpiness has been lost. It's crazy to me how this band can still seem somewhat underrated, especially when they're STILL putting out powerviolence of this quality. Perfect band. Great split. If you haven't picked this up yet I'm not sure what your malfunction is.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

From The Ashes of Obacha, Rises Throat Slitter

This year practically kicked off with one of my favorite fast bands throwing in the towel. The almighty Squamish fastcore unit Obacha played their last show on January 4th. Thus leaving a gaping void in the Canadian grind arsenal that I feared would not be properly refilled for quite a while. 

That is until I got word of a new band, that was actually comprised of mostly ex-Obacha members. A 'lil group called Throat Slitter. Needless to say I was thrilled by the news, and awaited the arrival of any recordings from them. They finally released their debut demo early this month, and not only filled that void, but practically consumed everything else in the wake of it's arrival. Throat Slitter's demo is an incredible progression and enhancement of what Obacha laid out. This is modern fastcore at some of it's best and most aggressive. Taking the breakneck speed and frenetic shifts of Obacha's song craft, and surpassing it. The precision and agility at which these guys play grind is truly jaw dropping, and blood racing. Utilizing a less-bright instrumental tone and some seriously tough vocal swappage. It's some of the tightest grind I've heard in 2014, even with the lo-fi recording. I've been calling Throat Slitter "The Canadian SFN", a comparison that I feel is pretty justafiable. But I won't even front when I say that this could easily stand up against most of that bands catalog. My favorite demo of 2014, with out a doubt. I strongly urge everyone to pick this up. Tapes are floating around somewhere, and I hear they're teaming up with Opaques Records for a 7" of some sort. Take some serious notes. 


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Detroit/thedowngoing - Split Cassette Review

Man, what an awesome split. Can we give a collective round of applause to the always on point Hygiene Records, for throwing down the dough for this excellent pairing of two super overlooked bands? Starting off with Detroit. A rawasfuk, grinding fastcore trio from Canada that's as mean and intense as the city they're named after. These guys have always had a pretty solid and consistent output of quality tunes, and their side is no different. This time going for more of a straight-up fastcore style then usual, with tons of Spazz-ish barks and going to almost Quattro Stagioni tempos. It's a pretty unrelenting assault, made all the more powerful by the screeching, clanging, grinding-sheet-metal guitar tone and machine gun snare hits. No faults here with Detroit's side, at all. And what an excellent return for Australia's best noisy grinders, thedowngoing! Though I will say that if you're going in expecting the same kind of sound they had on "ATHOUSANDYEARSOFDARKNESS" or their split with Water Torture, you might be a little disappointed. The recording here is much more clean and polished, and they've done away with pretty much any vocal effects. Something that would normally spell disaster for a band who have stuck with a certain sound for basically their whole existence. But you know, to me, it isn't even an issue. Because thedowngoing are still writing some tremendous riffs and songs, no matter how smothered in noise they may or may not be. They take the discordant style of grinding and make it all their own, which is something I've always given them props for. Thedowngoing actually create captivating and powerful songs, instead of just taking the usual "noisegrind piss". Which is still great, and a style that I very much like as well, but they surpass it. Creating a sound that has me clinging to each second their side plays. I love this split. Stream it down below!

Pick up a copy of the tape over at Hygiene Records: HERE